July 4, 2022

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How Tour & Travel Companies Can Benefit From SMS Marketing

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SMS Marketing

The tourism sector offers various services to their customers. The whole holiday experience is made up of different parts and customers come out to enjoy every minute of it from accommodation and travel to gastronomic dishes.

Providing customers with a high level of service is very important in this industry and will influence the success or failure of a business. Strong companies maintain a focus on building great customer relationships and this is one thing that SMS services can strengthen.

For more than a decade, text messaging has been used by big businesses to increase customer engagement. Along with various marketing tactics such as email integration, SMS can be used to deepen customer relationships and increase sales.

People receive a lot of text messages in a day. SMS marketing allows you to send personalized messages to your target audience to help customers differentiate your services from the competition.

Sending SMS is a popular form of communication and businesses should maximize its potential in attracting new clients and building awareness. Here are some ways SMS can benefit businesses involved in the tourism sector:

  • Send order confirmations and reminders.
  • Notify customers of last minute schedule changes, flight cancellations, and weather updates.
  • Inform customers about special offers and promotions on special events, hotel accommodations, airline tickets, family or group holidays, and travel transfers.
  • Give mobile coupons and text gifts to frequent travelers.
  • Submit travel safety tips.
  • Spread information about new tourist attractions and popular destinations quickly and easily.

Need a boost during the low season? SMS service helps you keep customers engaged especially when there is a downturn in travel activity. One way to increase customer engagement is to provide engaging content related to their preferences and travel history.

You can go a step further by providing travelers with an in-depth picture of what the destination is like and what they can find. Similarly, you post attractive images on your website and social media sites to attract customers and entice them to visit.

Text messaging is cost effective and provides an easy way to communicate with potential and existing clients. The SMS platform allows you to include images, links, audio, and video clips in your text messages. But this is only one way to reach your target market.

Today’s travelers are becoming increasingly mobile and integrating SMS with other channels such as social media can help increase your market reach. Companies that go above and beyond in providing customer service will not only survive the off-season but fierce competition as well.

See how organizations are using the SMS Platform to generate more revenue, increase efficiency, and strengthen client relationships.