May 26, 2022

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Children, Learning Disabilities and Vision

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Universitas Swasta di Bandung

When faced with a child who has learning disabilities most parents will try every avenue to try and find a way to help their child. With hundreds of teachers, tutors and health practitioners offering treatments, how do you know who is telling the truth, and how can you ascertain what method will help your child? Remedial reading is often the first step for a child who is struggling. However, for many children with learning difficulties this simply magnifies their agony and multiplies their feeling of failure.

Diet is also worth considering, mainly for the point of view of Attention Deficit Disorder, which can often be made worse by the child’s reaction to certain foods or chemicals. Vision is one of the most overlooked areas of examination, because most people think that, if their child can see, there is absolutely nothing wrong with their vision. The crazy thing about this is that, compared to most other testing methods, it is often the easiest and least expensive thing to test in a child with learning disabilities. The great news is that, in many cases, it can provide the break through that your child with learning disabilities needs. Vision is the dominant sense in the classroom, and for almost every learning experience your child has.

Over 80% of all information comes in through the visual system, which involves far more than simply seeing the page of print. Universitas Swasta di Bandung As a Behavioral Optometrist, I have dedicated my life to helping children with learning disabilities, and I have found that in the majority of cases I can help these children both with the appropriate lenses and with vision therapy, a specialized series of exercises and games to train the visual system and thus enable learning to become an easier task. It makes sense that, if we train the right visual skills, we will see the learning ability of a child increase. So, for example, if they have trouble skipping lines or misreading words, training the child’s eye movements should enhance their ability to move their eyes effectively across the page, thus reading more fluidly.

If they have trouble remembering spelling words, it makes sense that if we train and teach visual memory through visualization that they will be able to recall spelling words more effectively. The question for parent is, “where do I go to have the type of visual examination that tests for these things? ” Most parents would realize that the average eye care professional does not perform these tests, they are looking at eye health and prescribing glasses. Let me be frank; if your child has a learning disability then you need to get your child’s eyes tested, making sure that they are not long or short sighted. Konseling Online For the extra tests looking at the main areas of difficulty in children with learning disabilities, you will require something different.

And that is the purpose of this article. I am passionate about helping children with learning disabilities, and have developed a few short tests which can be down loaded from our site and performed in your own home. It can help by indicating if your child has difficulties in many extra areas of vision, and show you exactly how to improve their visual skills. If these tests indicate a deficiency, that our therapy program is guaranteed to improve the learning disabilities you struggle with in your child. And best of all, the screening test is free, so please, for the sake of your child and their future, come and obtain your free vision test.